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Which level is appropriate?

  • Newborn to 18 months: Kindermusik Village
  •  Babies attend with their adults (mom, dad, grandparent, or caregiver.)
    In this class we do lots of toe wiggles, knee bounces, vocal exploration, singing ....The babies even begin to sing along, recognize musical patterns and enjoy stop and go activities!
    You will also hear information about how music is a powerful tool for a baby’s developing brain.

    18 Months- 3 1/2 years Kindermusik Our Time

  • In the first 3 1/2 years the children attend with their adults (mom, dad, grandparent or caregiver).
    In this class we do finger plays, knee bounces, vocal exploration, stories, singing and circle games like “Ring Around the Rosie” We move to many different kinds of music and help the children to listen with intent and gain control their bodies. You’ll also hear information about child development, school readiness and parenting.  

    3 to 4+ years Kindermusik Imagine That!
    In this 45 minute class the children will spend 1/2 hour alone with the teacher telling stories, playing  instruments, singing, jumping, twirling and IMAGINING! We’ll do many reading readiness activities and challenge their listening skills. The best thing about this class is they get to use their ideas! For the last 15 minutes the adults come in and we share a musical activity together and announce the home activity for the week.

    5 to 7+ years (Kindermusik Young Child)

    This program is an excellent preparation for families who want their children to take private lessons on an instrument. This curriculum includes music literacy (rhythm and melody), experience with tuned instruments, ensemble work, introduction to the instruments of the orchestra, composers, styles of music, etc. Feedback from private teachers is that Kindermusik graduates make music right away and fly through the first piano and violin books! (They also make very musical and expressive dancers!) In this one hour weekly class we will learn about rhythm, reading notes, instruments of the orchestra (they will have hands on experience of trying many of the instruments!) musical games, lots of singing, moving and very careful listening. They will learn to make music on a glockenspeil (like a xylophone), a simple stringed dulcimer, and a recorder.  This is an excellent two year program that your child will love and you’ll be amazed at how much your child learns.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I be in the room for my child’s class? (3 and up) You are not required to but if you need/want to then YES! (adult must accompany younger than 3)
  • My child is 16 months, which class should she be in? Parents usually know best when they understand the different classes but these developmental characteristics are helpful: 
    • 1.Can (s)he hold hands and go around in a circle with a group? (like Ring Around the Rosie)
    • 2. Is (s)he starting to use words now maybe even sing a little?
    • 3. Is (s)he still putting things in her mouth or can she explore objects now in other ways? (Some instruments in the Our Time class aren’t so safe in their mouths—like Jingle Bells!)
  • Can my infant come to my toddler’s (older child’s) class? Yes, as long as we are attentive to distractions that might arise.  Keep in mind an age appropriate class for your baby.
  • Can my special needs child participate? Oh, YES! This will be a wonderful experience for them. Yvette has experience with many different special needs. If you’d like to talk to her directly you are welcome to call or email (242-1548
  • Do I need the Materials? Unless you already own the materials from a previous child having taken this semester’s theme then YES you NEED and WANT these wonderful materials. They are what keeps the experience alive all week. (Plus the teachers are required to make sure families have the materials in accordance to their licensing.)
  • Is there a Sibling Discount? YES the 2nd and subsequent child in Kindermusik has a $25 discount.
  • How can I afford this program? We realize it is a big investment. It is the best investment a family can make for their children’s future.  Did you know that music students have better reading scores than non music students? Sometimes families ask grandparents to give towards Kindermusik classes for birthdays and holiday gifts.  We also offer a payment plan.  We would like to work with you so your child can participate in this valuable activity. 
  • Your schedule does not suit my needs. Please give us your contact information and the time of class YOU need and perhaps we can arrange something! 
  • Can I visit a full class? YES
  • Can I join a session that is already in progress? YES Don’t wait! Childhood is such a short season.  Once you get the CDs and the music in your home you’ll see how easy it is to jump right in.
  • When does your next session start? Sessions start in SUMMER, AUGUST and JANUARY.  But you don’t have to wait! The music makes it very welcoming. Some families have even begun as late as week 10 or 11!
  • How long is a session? FALL and SPRING are 15 weeks long. Summer 5 classes; some are once a week and some are classes each day of one week, camp style.
  • How long are the classes? 45 Minutes except Young Child is 1 hour.
  • If my child is 8 (or 9 or 10 years old!) can we still sign up for Young Child? YES
  • What age is a good age to start private music lessons? The ideal would be immediately following Kindermusik for the Young Child. Many private teachers would be doing activities similar to Kindermusik to prepare especially young children for playing an instrument. Starting lessons early can be hard for children who have trouble being sitting or standing still. Kindermusik uses a child's natural drive to move and be social in teaching musical elements. Your child will be prepared for success through Kindermusik.

Would you like more information?

  • Please call or email: Yvette Odell 242-1548

$$ Making the investment:

In uncertain economic times families are choosing carefully where and when they spend their money. Consider the joyful musical moments with your children as an important investment for their optimal development and nurturing your relationship together especially during stressful times. You will be singing and playing together not just in class but inspired throughout the week to dance, rock and sing as a family.

A parent/friend from Michigan whose children were in Kindermusik and now in violin, oboe and dance lessons was at once lamenting the costs of all these music lessons and at the same time telling me how important it is for her to continue to be giving her children the opportunities that will give them an edge in high school and beyond through growing confidence and developing creativity and thinking skills. It just underlines what I found in this online article:The Benefits of Music for Young Children which says, “Music brain researcher, Dr Gordon Shaw describes music as “a window into higher brain function”. It’s a short article and worth the read. Your child really is musical. Now is the opportunity.

Special Offers:

Special Offer for babies 5 months or younger:

$50 off your first Kindermusik semester


Special Offer for newly adopted (within 5 months):

$50 off your first Kindermusik semester!


 Scholarship available Please ask about scholarship

opportunities. If you really want this for your child

and need assistance to make this work, we can make a plan.



Many families ask Grandparents to give Kindermusik for holidays and birthdays. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. What a wonderful way to fill a child’s life with love instead of noisy plastic toys! If grandparents live close by invite them to join you in class! Otherwise they will delight in pictures and videos of their grandchild singing and dancing to their Kindermusik songs.....

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